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So are there any techno junkies out there? I have a cell phone question. I can get a new (new to me anyway) phone and I have a choice between two models. One is the Motorola KRazr and the other is the Motorola Q. I donít have internet access (ask me about this sometime, but only if you want to hear me bitch and moan for about an hour about the injustices in my little world) and I only send texts occasionally Ė if that makes any difference. Iím leaning towards the KRazr because I like flip phones, but if someone were to tell me that the Q has more intuitive features then that might be more appealing to me. Donít even suggest that I read the manuals Ė manuals suck and reading them puts me right to sleep. Iím hoping thereís one or two of you out there who might have some experience (or even a friend or co-worker who has experience) with either of these phones and can tell me a few good or bad things about them.

So the LaPrairie eye cream that costs $265 that I chose as my beauty swag when I was in Green Bay? Iím in love. Itís creamy and delicious and my eyes feel soft and moist for hours. Iím touching my under eye area right now and itís soft like a babyís bottom (or so Iím told Ė I donít touch babyís bottoms if I can help it). The problem? When Iím done with the little tub Iím going to have to take out a home equity loan to buy some more.

Last night I went shopping with Mike and his co-worker Lyndsi who were in town for training. We hit a big olí mall and I did some damage at the H&M (although at H&M at least when you do damage you come out with a big, huge bag of clothes). I would have done more damage but Mike was kind enough to gently tell me that the jeans Iíd squeezed myself into, um, well, they kinda looked squeezy. Then we ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory and then since dinner took some time we got locked out of the mall. We had two choices when we exited the restaurant Ė turn right or left. We chose right, which was wrong. It was basically a Bataan Death march back to the car. I can probably tack on Walked an Extra Mile to my exercise total yesterday because it was a HIKE back to the car. I hope Mike and Lyndsi donít hate me today.

Today I did something Iím probably going to regret. I agreed to do a 5K with a friend on Saturday, October 20th. Gah. I guess Iím in shape, and I have been running a lot in Boot Camp, but not 5K Ė not for a long time. But Ė no-one is saying I canít walk part of it (and I probably will) and it is for a good cause (Thanksgiving meals for the needy). I guess I know what Iíll be doing this weekend Ė running my ass off to make sure that I wonít drop dead on the race-course.

So sue me, I didnít write an entry last Friday, or yesterday. Friday I got stuck with a mail merge project to send a letter to a bazillion of our customers and it didnít exactly leave me with a ton of free time. Yesterday I just got swamped with minutia. Hereís what I remember for the food diary:
Last Friday:
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, frosted flakes.
Lunch: I skipped the pizza that was ordered in for everyone and had WW Smart Ones cheesy potatoes and broccoli, concord grapes, and sliced tomatoes.
Dinner: bison jerky, some cheese, a piece of bread. How bizarre is that?
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė some evil combo of running, jumping and weights.
Brunch: PBJ on white made with lo-fat peanut butter and fabulous Door County Medley jam that I purchased on my most recent foray up to Green Bay.
Snack: piece of bison jerky and concord grapes.
Dinner: Turkey burger on wheat toast with cheddar, fries, two buffalo wings, and some spinach/artichoke dip on tortilla chips. Two beers.
No Exercise Ė I had a massive sinus headache and skipped my stability ball class to take a nap.
Brunch: two teeny soft-boiled eggs with a slice of toast.
Dinner: Show me the appetizers! I went to a fund-raiser party that was catered, so I indulged a wee bit on the apps Ė I had some (3 halves I think) spring rolls (the not fried kind), a teeny bit of pesto roulade smeared on a teeny slice of bread, a chicken satay skewer, a teeny potato latke, a bunch of veggies with spinach dip and two beers. Then I went to dinner where I had a lame salad (I only ate half), a side of creamed spinach and an entrťe of Dover sole (I held back on the almondine sauce) and a stingy glass of white wine. I had 1 Ĺ cookies at home.
Breakfast: yogurt/fruit smoothie, frosted flakes.
Lunch: sliced tomatoes, concord grapes, WW Smart Ones Three-cheese ziti marinara.
Dinner: Two crab rangoons, Asian chicken salad with almost no dressing, and about ľ of Mikeís Godiva Chocolate cheesecake and a singe bite of Lyndsiís lemon-raspberry cheesecake. One Newcastle beer.
Exercise: Boot Camp Ė gah. We had to run for 15 minutes straight and it was pretty steamy out at the track. This is the closest Iíve come to ever tossing my cookies during class. Remind me not to eat a large amount of rich food before a Boot Camp class!
Breakfast: Frosted Flakes
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Asian-style pot stickers, concord grapes, sliced tomato.
Snack: honeycrisp apple
Dinner: split steamed shumai & spring roll (the unfried kind), pad woon sen with chicken and extra veggies. I almost never finish my entrťe.
Exercise: Belly Dance rehearsal, 1 hr.

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4:00 p.m. - 2007-10-09


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