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fugly and uncomfortable

Iím having one of those days where I hate what Iím wearing and short of going shopping at lunch for a change of clothes Iím stuck as-is until about 6pm. Since itís only 10 am now that means 8 more hours of feeling out of sorts. Just looking at me I suppose I look ok, but each component has something wrong going on. Allow me to expound from head to toe:

Barette Ė I grabbed one of the pinchy ones.
Hair: badly in need of a dye job. This will be remedied tomorrow.
T-Shirt: not bad by itself, but itís too short for these pants and wonít stay tucked in.
Sweater: also too short, and itís scratchier than I thought and the part of my arms not covered by my t-shirt feel irritated. Plus itís a sort of blocky shape and combined with the wide-legged pants Iím wearing, it makes me feel dowdy.
Pants: just a little too big in the ass. This should make me feel great, but since there were two pairs of pants that I tried on this morning that are still way too tight, the one pair that is too big isnít doing much for the ego and ergo they are just ill-fitting and unflattering.
Knee-Highs: yes, I am wearing a dreaded pair of knee-highs Ė and letís call a spade a spade. Knee-highs are what they are even if you get all cutsie and call them Trouser Sox. The knee-highs have shrunk and contracted in some odd way so that they are always falling down and puddling around my ankles.
Shoes: I should just know better than to wear pointy-toed heels for a full workday Ė they will start to get pinchy sometime in the afternoon and itís all downhill from there.

Yeah, yeah. The worldís saddest song played on the worldís tiniest violin. Woe is poor me.

Breakfast: cinnamon Life, ~8oz. of yogurt/fruit smoothie.
Snack: snak-pak of cottage cheese. Now with Live! Active! Cultures! Ew.
Lunch: WW Smart Ones angel hair marinara with veggies, sliced tomato, ľ pint of raspberries.
Dinner: not sure. I think weíre going to order in at Alliís house.
Diet note: Iíve kind of hit a plateau, weight-wise. The failed trying-on of the too small pants in my closet pointed out that while I can stay at my current size and be OK with it, itís apparent that I have been about a size smaller in the not so distant past. Iím still working out like a fiend so I have to scrutinize what Iím eating to see whatís up. The only three changes I can pinpoint since I started this diet are that I quit my daily dairy (yogurt or cottage cheese), Iíve slacked off my vitamins, and I probably havenít been drinking as much water as I was when I started the Ďprogramí. So, Iím going to try to remedy those three things, make a conscious effort to really watch what I eat at dinner (especially during the week), and to step up my efforts to control portion-size (notice how I never mention exactly how much cereal I eat in the morning? Itís not like Iím gobbling the whole box, but I donít need to pack the baggie quite as full and I should probably wait until Iím at work to break into it instead of haphazardly chomping during my commute.)
Exercise: Boot Camp, ~30-45 minutes of belly dance practice at Alliís house.

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1:58 p.m. - 2007-10-12


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